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We need a bold voice that understands the issues facing Orange County’s working families. I know the struggle of juggling multiple jobs to make ends meet while attending school and the frustrations of high rent and skyrocketing housing costs. As a lifelong resident of District 2, I’ve watched as the County failed to address our housing crisis, leaving many, especially in my generation, priced out of a home. Meanwhile, the County turned a blind eye to homelessness, creating a public health and safety emergency. People are frustrated, and rightfully so. It’s time for change.

Why I'm Running

As your Supervisor I will fight everyday to:

  • Address Orange County’s housing and homelessness crisis and ensure South Orange County does their fair share to house our most vulnerable residents

  • Expand COVID-19 relief and work with our state and federal officials and community groups to increase testing, vaccines and boosters, while ensuring the county supports scientifically proven protections and public health measures

  • Work with public safety departments to focus on better community policing practices to keep us safe

  • Ensure our Fire and Search and Rescue personnel have all the resources they need to respond to increasing wildfires and other climate disasters in Orange County

  • Work with local leaders to address our exploding substance abuse epidemic while partnering with our community, non-profits, and public health leaders to help prioritize the treatment of mental illness

I’ve never shied away from a fight. I believe tough problems can be solved with hard work—it’s what I’ve done as a Councilwoman, it’s what I do everyday as a health care analyst, and it’s what I will continue to do as your Supervisor.

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